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You are an employer and wish to get the background of your prospective or existing employer screened. Or, you are a house owner in Kolkata and want to have foolproof evidence that your new tenant has an impeccable background. You suspect your spouse is having an extra-marital affair because your children and home are getting neglected. Or, you suspect that one of your employees is leaking out top data and company secrets to your competition. There is one common ground in all these cases - the need to get factual data and information to prove that your assumption is one hundred percent correct. Once the assumption is proven correct, you can go ahead and take the next step in your relationship or business affair.

It is exactly where we, Spy Agency, the Best Detective Agency in Kolkata , steps in. A team of professionally trained and committed individuals who have been involved their entire lives in fact-finding and surveillance services. As a result, we have the best talent in hand - those who understand the sensitivity of their handling and the need to protect the clients' privacy.

We are a premier Detective Agency in Kolkata with expertise in:

•   Business and corporate investigations
•   Infidelity and personal fraud cases
•   Internet fraud
•   Personal and corporate background check
•   Due diligence
•   Financial fraud
•   Child custody and abuse investigations
•   Child support-related cases.
•   Criminal defence background screening
•   Surveillance using modern and contemporary techniques and tools
•   Interviewing witnesses
•   Missing person cases.
•   Workers compensation
•   Tenant verification
•   Employee verification

We follow the best practices to find the truth and are professionally qualified to do so. We participate in different industry-related training and workshops to keep ourselves at par with the world standards.

As a leading Investigation Agency in Kolkata, we accept the challenges to help you provide peace of mind by uncovering the facts and truth.

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