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Detective Services for Personal Problems

At our level, there are very many ways that individuals get perturbed and require a trusted investigating agency to find out more details to resolve the issue. For example, in a case of adultery, you need specialized private investigators of our caliber to drill down the basic facts and details. The detailed list of services include:

•   Matrimonial investigation
•   Pre and post matrimonial investigation
•   Investigations related to adultery
•   Private surveillance to gather all-around information about individuals.
•   Missing person investigation
•   Detailed and end-to-end fact-finding.
•   Theft and loss investigation
•   Handling cases of cyberbullying
•   Background screening of tenants
•   Missing people investigation
•   Locating missing guardians and biological parents
•   Background screening in case of online dating, romantic relationships, marriages
•   Land and property-related disputes and investigations
•   Domestic violence investigation
•   Drug abuse fact-finding
•   Digital spyware detection and investigation
•   Murder, suicide, and Homicide
•   Stalking-related cases
•   Inheritance-related cases, and more.

Why hire us?

Private investigation is not a job that can be taken lightly. It calls for focus, being meticulousness, and unparalleled competence. It also involves knowledge of privacy laws and handling every single aspect of the investigation seamlessly. The Spy Agency is known as being one of the most professionally trained and competently experienced to gather authentic and verified information and legitimate personal details for our clients. With a thorough background in working as private detectives for the past many years, we use all known and latest intelligence-gathering methods.

We operate in India's major cities, including metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune; Tier II and Tier III cities covering the entire geographic landscape the country.

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