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Pre Matrimonial Investigation Services

Marriage is all about correct choices, trust, understanding & bonding. However, of late in the 21st century, most of the marriages are happening from marriage portals, newspapers etc. There are many cases of matrimonial frauds particularly where both brides & groom’s family are totally unknown to each other.

In a typical case of pre-matrimonial check, the first step is discreet observation of the prospective groom/bride. Usually this step is applied to check if there is some hidden past which remained unanswered or which is not known in public domain. There are certain cases where a person hides this characteristic from general public. These hidden characteristic may be sexually (gay/lesbian), affairs or drug addiction.

After completing the preliminary discreet inquiry, sources are developed in the neighborhood & workplace of the concerned subject. After developing sources (can be drivers, maids, guards, neighbors, colleagues, etc.) the inquiries are conducted between six to twelve days. Spyagency offers Pre Matrimonial Investigator Services at cost effective price.

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